The Year of the Social Enterprise

The Year of the Social Enterprise

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I took a quick look at the Chinese New Year calendar and as it turns out, 2012 is the year of the Social Enterprise.  Okay, so it is really the year of the dragon but the expectations continue to be high that organizations will continue to become more social (and in the case of Salesforce, they have bet their business on it).

With that being said, I have selected a couple of articles that highlight both some ways to get started and examples of success.

Article of the Week

Emerging Technologies

SAS’s Year of Living Socially

By David Carr

Big Idea: SAS’s successful implementation of an internal social network called the Hub.  User adoption is extremely high with a different series of engagement outlets for employees.

Information Week – BrainYard

January 6, 2012

Let’s begin with how to get started in creating a more social enterprise.  In How to Use Yammer to Drive Innovation by Stefan Lindegaard, he provides a simple framework on how to drive innovation through a social platform.  Although the topic is around innovation, his insights are applicable to any internal deployment of a social network.  The ultimate goal is to create a self-sustaining platform that is driven by user-generated content

Although not just focused on innovation, the SAS Institute’s success with their “internal Facebook” called the Hub is a great social enterprise case study.  In David Carr’s SAS’s Year of Living Socially he describes how SAS has seen success in their implementation of SocialCast.  Although SAS had previously implemented wikis and blogs for knowledge sharing, it wasn’t until Hub that they saw the across the board engagement that an organization strives to achieve.  The interactions are more of a micro-blogging nature with short bursts of information and interactions.  One of the most interesting aspects of Hub is the cross-departmental communication that is occurring, which is one of the biggest barriers that an organization faces when it comes to collaboration and knowledge sharing.

From the outside, it may seem difficult to accomplish what SAS has done.  I like to start with the barriers to see why efforts fail.  If you are considering a new social enterprise initiative or restarting a failed effort, I would suggest taking a look at the 10 most common social networking obstacles organizations face.

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